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PostSubject: Chronos   Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:32 am

i was researching the names and information about Greek Mythology (very interesting stuff)
and i came across two greek gods who seem the same by their names...
and Kronos

First, Kronos- a Greek Titan [also referred as 'father time']
Kronos is the Father of Zues [also known on howrse- Zeus' Lightning Bolt]
And Kronos was the Son of the all famous- Gaia and Uranus
Kronos was an evil god.

Second, Chronos- [other known as Khronos]
Chronos was a divine God
He (from myths) had 3 heads- one of a man then bull then lion
Chrono's image came from the doubling of the titan- Kronos

So, I have found that they are not the same.
Yet very similar

I posted this same thing in the Gameplay section in howrse forum just lettin ya, know.
They are NOT THE SAME GOD!!!
i don't know how much i have to stress that! xD
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