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 ○●○ Rules of this Forum ○●○

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PostSubject: ○●○ Rules of this Forum ○●○   Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:09 am

Basic Rules

1. Any unacceptable behavior is not aloud such as fighting, bullying, and cussing. This is a kid friendly site. If you see any unacceptable behavior please report to the mod of your choice or with the "report" button. Possible punishments could be bans, point deletion, and/or restrictions. Please read the "sanctions" topic for more details.
2. Any unacceptable pictures or talk posted will follow with a sanction we think is acceptable.
3. When critiquing art do not be rude about it. Make sure to include what they did very well at and how they could make it look better, in a nice, friendly way.
4. Never steal any artwork or pictures. When using pictures for references, in manipulations, etc, always use stock photos. They can be found at sites such as,,, etc. Make sure to credit ON the picture itself. Also follow the rules, usually such as crediting, showing completed works, etc. This is an anti-copyright theft website, and we encourage the use of stock photos!
5. Moderators are here to make sure you follow the rules and help you. Any rude remarks towards the the moderators or admin will not be tolerated. Please listen to them. If one of them is misbehaving them self a punishment will follow from an administrator.
6. No signature may be more than 600px in width, 400px in height. Any signature larger will be removed by a moderator and you will be pmed letting you know it was removed and to have a smaller one.
7. If you receive a ban or any sanction of any kind do not complain, whine, bother, etc anyone about it. If you do the ban time will be INCREASED.
8. Do not force religion on anyone around here. It is alright if you let everyone know what religion you are in, but do not go on about it or force it on anyone. If anyone is offended an appropriate punishment will be given.
9. Talking meanly, rudely, or anything along those lines behind someone's back is unacceptable (mostly applicable for the chatbox). If you are caught a warning for so will be given.
10. Please no cussing/swearing- if we feel you are taking it too far, we will contact you.

Don't like em? Bye!

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○●○ Rules of this Forum ○●○
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