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 heya, my introduction

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PostSubject: heya, my introduction   Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:30 pm

I am Aimee, aka aimeegneiting, breyercrazy, breyer, and Alaria Antares (from different sites i go to) I live in NW Montana, USA and i have a dog and a cat. I make banners and signatures on Howrse. I also play Small Worlds and Free Realms. I am also on Facebook, and occasionaly, Myspace. I have over 30 hatched dragons on the Dragon Cave, i use 2 hatching sites to hatch them I would be glad to tell you them. I also adopt pets on Squiby, they are all on my Howrse page, and it would be wonderful if other people could click them.
I also have lots of Chicken Smoothee pets, though they dont require clicking.
I collect Breyer model horses and photograph them as well. I use the pix to enter online photo shows, one of which i own, and i can link you there. It is still in its beginning stages, but progressing enough when people do enter, which they dont always. I also photograph other things as well, although i am just starting with that so i am not very good yet.

My cat

My dog
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heya, my introduction
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